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 War Formats

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PostSubject: War Formats   Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:19 am

Thanks to KingWolfy for making this suggestion.

Lately many new teams have surfaced on the KCVDS scene and not many are familiar with the formats some of the older teams have been using for quite some time now. This post will break down the three most common formats used in wars.

.:FE Format:.
Originally created by the disbanded team Furious Elite, this format requires opposing teams to create two line ups in a specific order with a certain amount of substitutes in case a member in the main line up is unable to compete.

The first match will begin with the two members elected to go first in their team's line up. The winner of that match will go on to face the number two member in the opposing team line up.

Round 1: Team A Rep. 1 vs. Team B Rep. 1
Outcome: Team A Rep. 1 [2] | Team B Rep. 2 [0]

Round 2: Team A Rep. 1 vs. Team B Rep. 2
Outcome: Team A Rep. 1 [2] | Team B Rep. 2 [1]

Round 3: Team A Rep. 1 vs. Team B Rep. 3
Outcome: Team A Rep. 1 [1] | Team B Rep. 2 [2]

Round 3: Team A Rep. 2 vs. Team B Rep. 3

The above example continues until one team is out of representatives. The team with one or more representatives remaining is declared the winner.

Special Rules:
One of the trademarks of FE format is forbidding players from switching deck. This means that if a representatives wins with an Exodia deck he/she must continue to use this deck until he/she is eliminated. This is done in order to create a strategic advantage for the next member of a team that finds itself on the losing end of the war. If a team mate loses to an exodia deck he/she can tell their team mate what kind of deck their opponent was running in order for his team mate to create a deck or side deck that can counter the opposing team member's Exodia deck.

.:PX Format:.
Originally created by the disbanded team Popsicle Xuicide. Much like FE format, this format requires opposing teams to create two line ups, however the line up does not go in a specific order. Once a line up is created a hamachi is created where all members of the line up must join in order to compete. The competition can be described as a free for all where duelists can challenge any member of the opposing team.

Also like FE format, the competition on this format continues until one team is out of representatives. This format allows for wars be completed faster and also allows team members to have a chance to compete in the war regardless of their position in the line up.

Special Rules:
A special rule borrowed from FE format is the no deck changing rule. Much like FE format, this rule is applied to give a strategic advantage for a team that finds itself on the losing end of a war. Another special rule is the inability to refuse a challenge. If you challenge someone who is online in the war hamachi then the person being challenged cannot refuse the challenge unless they have an emergency.

Another rule is that if a duel that is in progress and a participant has to leave when the score is 1-0 or 1-1 then the members involved in that match must finish that duel before they can duel anyone else.

.:1v1 Format:.
The simplest of all the formats. This format is used when a team wants to get every member in their line up involved. Both teams pair off their members with a member of the opposing team (sometimes it's done randomly and sometimes it is not). The team that accumulates the most wins is declared the winner of the war.

The number of members on the line ups is usually an odd (3, 5, 7, etc.) number in order to avoid a tie. However an even numbered line-up can also be used and in the event of a tie both teams select a member from their main line up to duel in a tie-breaker match.

I hope this information helps the newcomers and if there are any new formats or any formats that I left unmentioned please make sure to post them here.

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War Formats
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