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 DX vs BS

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PostSubject: DX vs BS   Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:29 pm

What's up guys? We have another war also starting this weekend. This one will be against BS, Black Skulls. They are a fairly new team, but the leader was once one of my duelists. So he isn't someone to take lightly. The following will be all the war information.

This will be 6 vs 6 with no subs. Style will be 1 on 1.
Advanced Play - Loser of previous round goes first
No Burn
No Mill
No Stall
No Instant Win (Exodia, Final Countdown, Destiny Board)
No LightSworn
No Sabers
No Infernities
No BlackWings
No Gladiator Beast <---- Have to confirm this one.*

*Special Rule - You are allowed at least one card from those deck in your main deck.

DX Members:
- KingWolfy
- Chris/Senoue
- Kasona
- Valerie
- Sanji
- Light of Destruction

BS Members:
- Nemesis
- Shoga
- Ace
- Popacris
- Banksys
- Blizzard

Nemesis vs KingWolfy =
Shoga vs Kasona =
Ace vs BlackLeg-Sanji =
Popacris vs Light of Destruction =
Bankysys vs Chris =
Blizzard vs Valerie =

Hamachi Network:
Ham: DX vs BS
Pass: 1234 or 123

"As long as its not a 0% chance, anything can happen. Looks like that infinite number of decimal places is Demolition X!"

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DX vs BS
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